| Brian Corkum is a New York based actor who graduated Texas State University in the spring of 2018 with his BFA in Musical Theatre.

| Growing up, Brian wanted to be either a visual artist, soccer player, or veterinarian. Around the age of 10, he slowly discovered his passion for the performing arts. While on stage, he realized he could be anyone he wanted to be. This began his passion for character development and story telling.

| Brian Corkum began acting at an early age by participating in local productions and attending summer theatre intensives. He began a rigorous journey into the world of dance in his high school years and has continued this journey throughout college. Brian has worked with and studied under industry professionals like Kaitlin Hopkins, Adam Cates, Bob Krakower, Chris Bailey, Laura Lane, Kiira Schmidt, LaQuet Sharnell Pringle, and Darren Gibson. 

Brian Corkum loves art that can inspire minds and captivate audiences. It is our job as artists to create unimaginable worlds, heal hearts, spark joy, and provoke change by allowing audiences to see the world from the perspective of our characters.